World Halal Day 2018 Seoul?

For the purpose of enhancing public awareness of Halal and promoting mutual trade, the 5th World Halal Day, which is an international Halal event (commemorating November 1, World Islam Day), with 57 countries participating in the Islamic World led by United World Halal Development, FIRST held in Seoul.

Background of 2018 Seoul
Through the successful hosting of World Halal Day 2018 Seoul

  • The best Opportunity to publicize the excellence of Korean Halal Certified products and services to stakeholders such as Big Buyers and VIP of Islamic countries invited jointly by KHA &UNWHD
  • Securing export competitiveness of Korean products in the constantly growing Halal market
    ※ Contributing to ‘establishing sustainable agricultural and food industry infrastructure’ among the top 100 Korean government projects

About ‘World Halal Day’
United World Halal Development (UNWHD) recognizes the World Halal Day on 1st November, celebrated in different parts of the globe every year. The core objective of the event is to Create Awareness & Trade Promotion. The Awareness is created on present issues & concerns related to the Halal Economy and to lay out the plan for the curative actions or preventive measures. The Trade Promotion is done by creating platforms to showcase the Halal products & services from around the globe with B2B networking opportunities for buyers & suppliers. UNWHD has successfully organized the “WORLD HALAL DAY” celebrations since 2014 in Singapore, 2015 in Pondicherry, India and 2016 in Zagreb, Croatia. And for the 4th consequent year, 2017 to be organized in London, United Kingdom.

Vision of ‘World Halal Day’

“To create a World where people of different faith and races live in harmony; A World where healthy Food is available to everyone by bridging the imbalance of the excess food & deficit; A World that stands united against hunger & poverty; to preserve our environment and natural resources and promote organically produced healthy food.”



International Speakers – 18

Countries Participants – 12

Domestic Audiences – 180

International Audience – 145

Sponsors – 10


International Speakers – 25

Countries Participants – 29

Domestic Audiences – 1200

International Audience – 200

Sponsors – 15


International Speakers – 28

Countries Participants – 35

Domestic Audiences – 1500

International Audience – 245

Sponsors – 26


International Speakers – 30

Countries Participants – 40

Domestic Audiences – 1800

International Audience – 270

Sponsors – 29

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